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Fanfiction Master Post

I've got one series and a smattering of shorts here, feel free to pursue! :D


Western Skies - A Star Trek XI AU/Fusion Story

Once upon a time, there was a genetic shift that caused unusual effects in the human population. But much of the world wasn't ready for this, and through a forced drug regime, the x-gene (as it was called) was made inactive. But when a boy is born under tragic circumstances onboard a shuttle being bombarded by radiation and energy from an unknown singularity, things might just be changing again.

There are some X-Men inspired elements borrowed, but this is not a crossover. If you don't know anything about X-Men, don't worry about it. :)


All Western Skies-related Artwork (Mostly by me, with some art by others as well ::blush::) Here! There is an R-rated image here, FYI.


Western Skies Soundtrack/Fanmix - Basically songs that inspired me, plus ones "heard" in the story. :)


The stories of Western Skies in order:

Summary for Under an atomic sky: Chris Pike gets a very odd call from an old friend in the middle of the night, and his life is never the same...

Summary for Where men can't walk: Where Jim is not lonely, he likes the peace and quiet of the desert, and he wishes certain people would just shut up about it already.

Summary for Or freely talk: Jonathan Archer isn't a doctor by any means; but as he has found out many times during his career, sometimes you just have to rise to the challenge. Caffeine usually helps.

Summary for At his father's right hand: Chris is generally of the opinion that he is pretty damned good at what he does, hell, Starfleet even agrees with him. But captaining a starship and raising a genius son who just happens to have wings are entirely two different things, as reality has enforced on multiple occasions. 

Summary for In search of experience: Jim has issues. He knows this. People without issues don't generally get into bar brawls just to get their head to calm down. They also aren't completely paranoid over people trying to get into their pants. Honestly...he's just getting really tired of secrets. 

Summary for Looking for one good man: Len was once a plain old country doctor, not so long ago. He hasn't quite figured out how ended up basically courting an angel, ending up in space, and becoming a hero, but at least one of the three isn't so bad. He thought he had lost most of his family when he left Georgia, but he may have just found a new one when he wasn't looking.

#6 isn't posted on LJ yet, but you can read the first half (50k words) at either or AO3 until I finish.

The first five stories are 117462 words long in total.

You can also find this series at my account, or at my AO3 account. :)


Western Skies Shorts
(Notes on their chronological placement in the series are with each one)

Western Skies Shorts 1-6

Short #7 - Look up at the stars at night

Short # 8 - Acapella


Other Star Trek Shorts:

Featuring artwork by the wonderful bonesyandjimmy ! :D

Stuck on You: Where Bones runs afoul of a Bolian, gets cuddles. Fluff/Crack. Kirk/Bones. G

Aim high, and you won't shoot your foot off: Where Jim can't feel his feet, cons Bones. Fluff. Kirk/Bones. G


Thanks for looking!
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Whoring for presents time! :D (Since my birthday and Christmas are coming up and all.)

I accept cash, Amazon giftcards, and Tigerdirect giftcards; I also am completely willing to relieve you of any extra BPAL Imps you don't want. ;) 

I also have an Amazon wish list here:


For some of the cheaper items on the Amazon list, if you are local, I might suggest checking with my mother first to make sure she didn't buy them. :P

...that will be all. :D


EDIT: I have a very strong suspicion that my mother has already purchased DQIX. I would suggest ignoring that. XD;
Star Trek XI - Christopher Pike ~ &quot;Tired

Writing! ST Writing! :O

I actually got about 1000 words of Western Skies done. Holy shit. Yes, seeing the new movie helped, like I hoped it would. While I do have some issues with certain things, and I'm happily head-canoning some bits while pretending a few very specific things didn't happen, I'm happily breaking the ice with my fic reading, and hopefully, it'll help me finally get the beast done.

 :D :D
Alphabet Love~

So I have a LJ

I can't even remember when I did an actual quality post, so here goes:

I have a job! Has health care and everything, which is lovely. I just finished probation, and haven't been tossed out yet, so that's a good sign. It's not really enough for me to move out on without at least a few roomies, even if I wasn't paying down my credit cards, I'm still back at home. I'll be reevaluating the moving thing later this year, I think.

I'm going to Anime Expo this year! My current plan is to go down Thursday morning, leave Saturday night. I'm dressing up as Thorin Oakenshield, costume is currently in progress. If I miraculously get that one done early, I'm thinking I'll try and make Jackie's race suit from Cyber Formula Saga and SIN as a secondary costume. We'll see :)

Saving account is inching up, credit card bills are slowly going down, and I'm paying my car off in chunks, so that should be paid off within the next year and change.

Now to sell off some of my dolls, I really could use the funds to pay down my cards. If anyone you know is looking for sunlight skinned Volks boys (F-30 & F-31,) or some others, the boys are actively for sale, and I'm taking offers on the lot. :)

Hope everyone is doing well! <3 
Cyber Formula - Franz and Jackie - The C

Updates and I'm still alive yeah

Got a call a few weeks ago, I have a job! It's a county office position that should be full-time, I go in to sign the paperwork next Monday, then I start on October 4th. It's going to be weird getting back into the working groove, but I need to. I've been largely spinning my wheels for the last year, only keeping afloat through my Japanese Pension refund, craft sales, and selling tons of my older/less-used stuff on Ebay. Works for some people, but I would like to be able to move out again someday, and I certainly can't without a steady income. Health insurance again is nice, too. Woot.

Not been doing much creative-wise beyond some sewing lately. I'll stop giving people writing hope, but I hope getting a job again helps spur something on that account. 

Job is coming at the perfect time! I have just enough money (without nicking from savings) to pay my bills for October. Yayy paychecks!

Not too much else exciting at the moment, I still haven't gotten the other Avenger!ponies done, and I'm like 8 birthday gifts behind with other craft stuff xD;

Hope everyone is doing well!


I'm currently selling two of my Volks SD13 Boy BJDs here:

F-31 (with Cecile Sword hand)

Asalahan - &quot;...and some spread their win

For Sale! BJD/Dollfie Volks FCS F-30 & 31

I'll do a proper post later, but I wanted to post these here. :)

I'm STILL unemployed (although it's starting to look promising) and I need to start parting with some things. I am very fortunate to be able to live rent-free at the moment, but my bills are still close to $1k a month and my savings is running thin. :/


For Sale on Den of Angels:

Both of these dolls were special FCS orders from Tenshi no Sato in 2008. Both have FCS faceups, although the F-30 has gotten rather extensive other work beyond that. If you aren't a member of DoA and are interested, let me know! :)

Volks Sunlight FCS F-30 ($825)
Comes with awesome tattoos! :D He's on the right in the lovely Sato picture.

For Sale on Den of Angels:

Volks Sunlight FCS F-31 with Tan Cecile Sword Hand ($900/860)
Comes with two choices for hands! :D He's on the left in the lovely Sato picture.

Pictures from tonight:


I also have 10 other dolls and an extra head I am completely willing to take offers on. Please note, I will need a rather sizable bribe to part with my Seitenshi, if only because he's the only thing I've actually won in my life (he was NOT a lottery win, I won the President's Award in the Costume Contest back at the LA Dolpa in 2007.)

You can see quick photos of the complete dolls here!


Thanks a lot for looking, and if you know anyone who might be interested, feel free to pass this along! :D

Star Trek - Bones and Jim - Jim is too d

Fanfic Updates? MAAAYBE Also life

For the few people still following me because they are waiting on updates to Western Skies, I added the rest of the section at the end of Chapter 6 Pt.1, as I had pretty much cut it off mid-paragraph. The tweaked version is only up on AO3 right now, I didn't feel like dealing with

I spent a few hours re-reading the whole series, and I've been poking at a rather neglected Google Docs file since, but no serious writing has resumed yet. I'll will try my best to seize inspiration again.


Avengers has eaten my life, but I was a Marvel/Avengers fan long before the movie came out, so I've actually been calmer than most. My Tony Stark pony and Steve Rogers pony I made back in December have moved out, due to a generous sum offered for their purchase. I am starting on some other Avenger-related ponies, but they will be taking awhile.

I've been job hunting even more in earnest, but not much luck. Hopefully things will start happening soon :)

I meant to post this hours ago, so goodnight from California :)

Cyber Formula - Franz and Jackie - The C

Small Fandom Bang Fic - Future GPX Cyber Formula

Yeah, I know, it's not WS. It's not even Star Trek. But it was a fun experiment for me, and I'm glad to have finished it. :D I promisepromise to crack open WS soon and see if I can get moving again on finishing it!


Down by the Riverside, it's Bound to be a Better Ride (Than What You've Got Planned)
Artist: Tarlan (tarlanx)
Author: Anrui Ukimi (anruiukimi
Fandom: Future GPX Cyber Formula
Characters/Pairings: Jackie Gudelhian/Franz Heinel
Rating/Category: PG13/Slash
Word Count: 24038
Genre: Drama / Romance / Sentinel!AU
Warnings: Attempted non-con, violence

Summary: Jackie Gudelhian was one of the best racecar drivers in the world, and Franz Heinel had helped get him there, through years of hard work on both their parts. But both Jackie and Franz have their secrets; the usually stoic Franz once couldn't leave his room due to the emotions of the people around him bombarding him into senselessness, and Jackie? Jackie lived on borrowed time; the doomed recipient of an ancient, yet still wondrous set of genes that had once let him hear voices ten miles away and let him smell flowers weeks after they had withered. No Guide had gone online in over 40 years, however, and like every other Sentinel of his generation and after, Jackie had known early on that he would never see old age.
2026 was shaping up to be a trying year for everyone, but maybe, just maybe, a miracle would be found in time. After all, Gudelhian wasn’t allowed to skip out early on his contract without Heinel’s permission.

Link to art master post
Link to fic master post
Cyber Formula - Franz and Jackie - The C

Small Fandom Bang Fic Note Post

For people who might actually want to read my Cyber Formula fic, which was a big experiment more than anything, I figured people could use a little primer to what Cyber Formula is. As no one in the Western world seems to have really heard of it. 

If you DO know what CF is, please note that the fic is:

1. A Sentinel fusion fic
2. Slash
3. Hayato and some of the other main characters gets little more than cameos
4. Actual racing is hardly mentioned

Because one of the first English fics in a microscopic fandom should totally be an AU, right? :P

The fic will be posted tomorrow, but I wanted to get this up ahead of time.


Collapse )


If you survived that wall of text and have any questions, feel free to ask me!

Asalahan - &quot;...and some spread their win

Retail Therapy?

...featuring Monster High dolls. No, I haven't gotten into them, I've been helping hyperbolicsquid find the ones he's looking for. This entails a lot more than most would think. xD I've seen the inside of more Walmarts and Targets in the last few weeks than I have in the last five years.

I do confess, when I lucked out and called my local Walmart Supercenter to discover that they had a box of the B&W Skull Shores Frankie Stein that hadn't been put on the floor, and I snagged 3 of the 6 (all claimed, sorry.) I kept one for myself. Their proportions are actually pretty interesting, I was thinking at trying my hand at making some clothing for them, and I needed a doll for that. Makes sense to get the doll that was only $4 and change, and came with no accessories beyond a bracelet that would have to be cut off and a stand. ;)

For fun, I took a few photos after dunking her head in hot water to get the hair gunk out:

Frankie surveying the mess"Silver" Screen Frankie Frankie at the windowLegs for miles, these dolls have...


In other news, just about done with my Small Fandom Bang fic, it'll be posted on April 20th. Still unemployed, but I gave myself another month's leeway with bills by selling nearly $1k in anime stuff at the Anime Conji swap meet. Protip: Accepting credit cards goes a looong way. I got one of those Square readers for my Samsung Stratosphere, worked great. :D

Not done a lot else lately of note besides that, I think. I'm boring. ;)