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ST Fanfic - Western Skies Shorts

So yes, during the midst of working on the story, I've written a few side bits. Sometimes because I felt like it, sometimes because I was floundering on the main piece and needed a break. I've actually written 3.5 of these, but I will post two of them here for now.

Originally, I was only going to post these to ff.net for ease of update, but I decided "what the hell" and posted them here as well.

These are unbetaed...I abuse my poor goddess of a beta enough as it is. XD


First one takes place during the first military ball and after. :)

I Don't Feel Like Dancing

    Len bowed to the lovely Bolian woman at the end of his randomly-paired dance, and walked back to where Jim was standing, rolling his eyes at the smirk on the younger man's face. "What, Jim?" Jim smacked him on the shoulder, and he barely kept back a wince.

    "You old dog, you never told me you could dance! You cut quite the figure out there with Cadet Slic." Len scowled and grabbed a glass of champagne off a passing server's tray, taking an overly-large swallow
    "That's because I never had a reason to bring it up. Don't think I've danced like that since my wedding." Jim raised an eyebrow.

    "That doesn't tell me where you learned to dance." Len glared at Jim, but the man just looked right back at him with that infuriatingly calm smile. Damnit.

    "My mother made me take classes," He muttered quietly, and Jim grinned.

    "What was that? I couldn't hear you." Len turned up the venom in his eyes, but it just bounced off the brat. Figured.

    "You heard me, you ingrate." Jim made a hmming sound, before looking back towards the crowd.

    "Looks like the next group is going to get called now." Len looked towards the stage, where the cadet that had been emceeing was holding up a PADD. Well, at least he was done. Jim hadn't been paired off yet, and they were almost done with this farce. Len glanced over at the sand-haired man, who was watching the host intently.

    "Should I prepare for treating your partner's toes, Jim?" Len said, giving Jim a little smirk. Jim rolled his eyes and scoffed.
    "I've been practicing, I told you. Just be prepared to be dazzled by my skill."
    "I'll believe it when I see it." Jim opened his mouth to retort, but was interrupted by the announcer.

    "Officers, Cadets, Honored Guests, it is time for the second-to-last round of our randomly paired dances! As always, if you are not confident in your skill, simply try your best, and get to know the person you are paired with." Len listened as she began to read off the pairs, noting that Cadet Uhura was paired off with a Vulcan instructor, and Admiral Gaynor was joined by a nervous looking male cadet. The dance floor continued to fill, and Len waited with Jim for his name to be called. It didn't take long. "Captain Christopher Pike and Cadet James Kirk." Len felt Jim stiffen next to him, and he glanced towards the cadets that had been doing the random matching, who were futilely trying to suppress their feelings on the scheme. There was nothing random about this, and a look over at the congregation of officers confirmed that he wasn't the only one who believed that. Captain Pike looked torn between amusement and annoyance, and Admiral Archer leaned in and spoke into the Captain's ear with a look that announced that he was utterly entertained by the whole affair. The crowd was already buzzing, and Jim groaned almost imperceptibly as he walked onto the dance floor to join the older man. The rumors had been persistent, despite Jim proving that he was there on his own merit soundly over the last year. Instead, they had actually gotten harsher, the whispers transforming from Jim having bent over for the Captain for admission to an on-going affair where the Captain was clearly adjusting scores in exchange for service on his knees; the meaner versions pointing out that Jim's mouth was probably the only reason why Pike put up with him, as there was no way that the Captain would hit that otherwise. It was completely baseless, disgusting, and it was also one of the only things that seemed to truly bother Jim; not for his own sake, but for the Captain's. All Jim had told him to explain their obvious camaraderie was that the two had known each other before Starfleet, and that Pike had been a friend of his parents. Jim's advisor was Admiral Archer, not Captain Pike, so there was very little opportunity for the types of dalliances that usually drove these sorts of rumors. Everyone who paid attention to the campus gossip would be watching them like a hawk.
    The last of the pairs were read off, and everyone turned to their partners and gave slight bows. Len watched his friend and the Captain; Jim gave a bemused smile to the older man, who appeared to return the sentiment with a tiny shrug as the music began to play. The two formed up, the Captain's hand at Jim's waist, Jim's hand on Pike's shoulder. As they started to move, one thing became crystal clear to Len. Jim wasn't joking about having practiced. He wasn't perfect, but his mistakes were slight, minor footing errors as the two men worked their way around their portion of the dance floor. He could see that the two were talking to each other occasionally, but their constant movement and close proximity made their words impossible to decipher. As the music sped up, and they began to do the spins and twirls that often screwed people up, leaving elbows in stomachs and that sort of thing, Len realized that these two were incredibly comfortable with each other. There was no fear or tension, like two people in a forbidden affair might act in a forced situation, nor was there any great passion. They were relaxed and confident, and were most definitely one of the better dancing pairs on the floor. He got a very specific vibe from them, but it wasn't anything he would attribute to lovers. As Len and the rest of the crowd watched the dance wind to an end, he figured it out. It wasn't like watching a couple in love, it was like watching a parent and child dance at a wedding; affection and familiarity without any romantic emotions getting in the way. The two men bowed and said a few more words to each other before parting, and Len found himself coming to two conclusions. Jim and Captain Pike were most certainly not having an affair on the side. However, they were most certainly better acquainted than Jim had let on. Len could hear the gossipmongers chattering around him, and he sighed. These damn kids didn't know how to read body language. Jim walked back to his side, a strange look on his face, and Len raised an eyebrow, causing the younger man to give him a second glance.

    "Ooo, what's the eyebrow for?" Len snorted and shook his head.

    "Nothing. You were actually pretty damn good out there." Jim preened and chuckled, and this time Len did roll his eyes.

    "I told you I practiced, Bones." Jim looked towards the officers; Captain Pike was facing away from them, but Admiral Archer inclined his head and gave them a smile. Jim returned the smile, before turning back to Len. "Got any plans for tomorrow?" Len shook his head no, and Jim grinned. "Awesome. I'll make us lunch. I'll pick you up at ten."
    It didn't even hit Len until he was in the shower after the ball that he had been invited over to Jim's place. He had never been to Jim's place, didn't even know where it was. As far as it appeared, Jim popped out of the ground right outside the Academy wholecloth every morning. But Jim had a lot of secrets, it had just been one more to add to the pile of things Len didn't pry into.

    The next morning, Jim blew in like a tornado, and before Len could get a word out edgewise, they were in a taxi heading away from campus, with Len quickly noticing that they were passing the area of tired residences that the off-campus crowd usually inhabited.

    "Er, Jim, where are we going?" The smile Jim flashed was completely guileless, and Len decided to just shut up and enjoy the ride. The houses transformed from cheap rent fixeruppers to the moderately well-to-do gated neighborhood known as the Ghost Town, due to its mostly Starfleet residents leaving their homes empty during deployments. Len had been here once, during a party thrown by Admiral Gaynor for the Medical staff, but why the hell would Jim live here? The taxi pulled up to a tall, narrow house, and Jim paid for the fare without a word being said from the driver. As the taxi drove away, Jim hopped up the stairs like a goddamned rabbit.
    "Well, come on!" Jim placed his hand against the identification pad, and the door unlocked. Len followed the younger man into the house, waiting for the other shoe to drop. "Hey Dad, I'm back!" Jim paused, just enough time for Len's eyes to widen in disbelief. "-and yes, I brought Bones with me." Len followed Jim's gaze, towards what appeared to be the entrance to the kitchen.

    "Only took you a year to bring him over, Jim." Len turned his shocked eyes on none other than Captain Pike, who walked out of the kitchen dressed in a tight-fitting t-shirt and worn jeans, his hair falling in loose curls onto his forehead, with a dishrag thrown over his left forearm. He had never seen the man out of uniform before, and the effect was jarring. The Captain gave him an accomodating look as Jim slipped around them and into the kitchen. "Welcome to our humble abode, Doctor McCoy." Len remembered his manners enough to stutter out a reply.

    "Captain! Jim didn't tell me about a damn thing, I wasn't expecting to see you." Len thought with a mental wince that that may have just been the dumbest thing he had ever said; Pike's expression split into heartfelt laughter, the lines around his eyes deepening with the motion, and Len decided that he was just completely out of his element. He glared past the captain in the direction of Jim, who was clanking around in the kitchen. "Friend of the family, huh?" He growled, and the captain chuckled again.

    "Chris, Doctor; at least in my own home. My devious coward of a son-" A shouted "hey!" was heard from the kitchen, and Pike- no, Chris rolled his eyes. "-realized, as did I, that you were definitely suspicious after the whole dance racket last night. So I suggested he just man up and bring you over." Len blinked, and Chris patted him on the shoulder before turning and walking back into the kitchen. "You better not be eating my lunch, you brat!"
    "You made a ton of it, old man, stop being so stingy!" Jim said, around what sounded like a mouthful of whatever was on the stove; Len looked into the kitchen to see what was going on, just in time to see Chris snap Jim in the head with the dishrag, causing Jim to drop the spoon he was holding back into the pot and grab the back of his head with a snarl.
    "If you are going to eat it, finish cooking it for me. I'm going to have a chat with the doctor." Jim scowled but did not resist, and Chris dumped the dishrag on the counter by the younger man before exiting. Len followed Chris to another room, where he motioned for Len to sit down in a sofa while he dropped into a plush recliner. "Sorry about this, Doctor."

    "Leonard. Or Len. Either is fine." Chris nodded.

    "Fair enough." Chris crossed his legs and gave Len a serious look. "Well, go ahead and ask, Leonard." Len just blinked.

    "Dad?" Len muttered, and Chris chuckled.

    "It's not common knowledge, as you have just found out, but I've had custody of that scoundrel since he was eleven." Len looked at the man, and it suddenly all made sense. Their obvious affection, their frequent chats around campus (the same ones that had really spurred the rumors,) Jim's anger towards the people perpetuating the talk that effected the captain; it all made sense. People were just drawing the worst conclusions. "As I think was pretty plain last night, he was learning his ballroom dancing from me and John." Len nodded, but his brain caught the last word.

    "John?" Len said, and he heard the front door open. Chris lifted a hand and pointed.

    "John." Swiveling his head around, Len watched as an equally-casually dressed Admiral Archer walked in, giving him a kind smile before flopping into the chair next to Chris's.
    "Admiral." Archer snorted, and waved a hand.

    "Just John, Doc. No need to stand on ceremony when we are all in jeans and thrashed t-shirts." John quirked a naughty smile. "So, now you know that Chris isn't bending Jimmy over a table in exchange for good grades, yeah- ow! Motherfucker, Chrissy!" Len was pretty sure he looked like a moron, with his mouth hanging open as the normally unflappable Captain hauled off and smacked the famous tough-as-nails Admiral across the back of his head, leading to an interesting string of profanity and a...very amusing nickname. Chris glanced over at Len and rolled his eyes
    "Don't even think about it, Leonard." Len shook his head, and the older man nodded. "Smart man." Len felt a chuckle slip past his lips, and both Chris and John raised their eyebrows.
    "I think I know where Jim gets some of his quirks from," He said as the chuckles moved into full-stage laughter; he was joined by both men moments later.
    "He's got a point there, Chrissy."
    "I think it's just you, old man." Len watched as the two of them began to argue back and forth, and he was reminded of the other rumor that occasionally popped up involving Captain Pike, before being dismissed in lieu of more scandalous stories involving Jim. The two men didn't even look up when Jim entered the room and sat down next to him on the sofa. Len leaned in towards Jim's head.

    "Are they always this-" Jim grinned.

    "-married? Yep, although they'll both deny it." Len looked at the two dubiously.

    "I know many a person who would call what they're doing foreplay." That got a giggle out of Jim, and he shook his head.

    "The two have been sailing the great river denial for well over a decade. It's reaching epic proportions at this rate." Jim affected a beatific expression as both subjects of their talking seemed to realize that they weren't alone, turning in unison to glare at the two on the sofa. Len barely suppressed a shiver.

    "Is lunch ready, Jim?"

    This was going to be an interesting next few years.  


This one takes place...anytime really during Jim & Bones' second year.

Someday out of the blue
    "I hope you weren't looking forward to having grandkids, Chrissy. Well, I suppose they could adopt-" John was staring at a PADD with guitar tabs for an old bluegrass song while sprawled at the kitchen table, his chair tipped back on its hind legs and leaning against the wall. Chris almost hit his head on the edge of the kitchen counter as he pulled out a pot out from under the stove.
    "What are you going on about, John?" Chris said, giving him a strange look as he grabbed a package of spaghetti noodles. John let his chair fall down as he raised an eyebrow.
    "You know what I'm talking about, Captain." Chris snorted in response as he filled the pot with water and started it to boil, then grabbed two beers out of the refrigerator, passing one to John.
    "They've only known each other, what, a year and a half? I think you are reading into their relationship a little too much, John. Don't you think you're jumping the gun a bit?" Chris said, as he walked out of the kitchen. John watched the younger man leave silently, the smokey black fabric of his instructor's uniform fitting him like a glove as usual. John swung his legs and hopped to his feet, a bittersweet smile on his face.

    "I wonder where I've heard that before," he said quietly, and followed Chris out of the kitchen.   


Takes place about six months, give or take a few weeks before the end of #5/start of #6.

How Much is that Doggie in the Window 
    "Jim, we need to reschedule your next appointment. The admiral isn't going to be available today." Jim blinked at Ms. Nakashima, who was looking particularly frazzled.

    "-okay..." He glanced towards the closed office door. "I hope it isn't something bad." John's secretary groaned, dropping her head into her hands; Jim shot her a worried look. "-can you tell me?" The older woman's mouth twisted, and her eyes flicked towards the closed door before nodding.

    "The admiral has been working with an officer on a transporter theory project lately...and they hit an impasse." She was keeping her voice down, and he leaned over to hear her better. "The officer- errr- decided the best way to prove that he was right was to transport something." He grimaced.

    "I'm not going to like this, am I?" The look she flashed gave him his answer.

    "So, um, said officer took poor Porthos." With that, Nakashima sighed and slumped in her chair as Jim's jaw dropped.


    "Shhhhhh!" His jaw snapped shut as she flapped a hand wildly in the air. They both looked again at the door, but when there was no sound, they sighed in unison. Jim grimaced.

    "This is bad." The glare the woman leveled on him could have stripped paint.

    "Welcome to my life, Jimmy." He licked his lips as he glanced towards the closed door.

    "He loves that dog almost as much as he loves Dad." Nakashima's glare transformed into a pinched expression.

    "-that's a whole other can of worms I don't wish to think about right now." Jim gave the older woman an appeasing smile as he patted the top of her hand.

    "Speaking of, does Dad know yet?" She shrugged as she gave another blank gaze in the direction of John's office.

    "I honestly don't know." Jim straightened, pulling down the hem of his jacket.

    "Sounds like I have recon to do. Especially if today ends the way I think it's going to end." That got a smirk out of the beleaguered secretary, and she waved a hand to shoo him out.

    "Probably a good call. Get out of here, and good luck." Jim gave a casual salute as she sat up and started looking down at her work.

    "You too, ma'am." Jim all but sprinted out of the room, keeping a good pace until he reached Chris's office. Yeoman Colt gave him a smile as he walked in.

    "Anything I can help you with, Jim?" He shot the woman a bright smile while giving a quick incline of his head towards the inner office door.

    "Is the captain available?" Colt paused, then held up a finger.

    "One moment." She called into the office, before nodding. "Go right in." Jim nodded his thanks to Colt as he entered. Chris was sitting at his desk, glaring at a PADD as he walked in.

    "Good afternoon, sir." Jim grinned as Chris looked up and gave him a questioning look.

    "Why, may I ask, do I get the honor of a visit?"  Jim pulled over a chair in front of the desk and flopped into it, resisting the temptation to kick his feet up.

    "My counselling appointment was cancelled." The older man raised an eyebrow as he gave the PADD he had been examining one last glance before setting it down.

    "Huh. Any reason why?" Jim's lips twisted.

    "-I'm taking that as you haven't heard the news yet." The eyebrow inched up a little further. He'd never be in Bones' league, but the parental-ly charged glare made up for it in spades.

    "I suspect you'll be filling me in soon." Jim hopped to his feet and flipped the chair around, settling into a perch.

    "An officer that John was working on some sort of transporter theory experiment with decided to just try and prove his case." Chris's face went flat.
    "I'm not going to like this, I have a feeling." Jim shook his head and looked his dad square in the eye.

    "Guy decided to use Porthos." The older man's eyes instantly went saucer-like, and Jim rocked a bit on his feet in restrained amusement.

    "Oh- shit." Yep, he had definitely made the right decision by coming straight here.

    "Yeah, that was my basic response." Chris got to his feet and began to pace in silence, before spinning on his heel and looking at his son.

    "Did I restock the liquor cabinet?" Jim nodded.

    "A week ago, unless you drank it all already." The answering glare was standard, but his dad nodded as he stared at the far wall.

    "Good. Feel like crashing on Leonard's couch tonight?" Jim frowned, before letting a mischievous smile creep onto his face.

    "I am not missing this for the world." Chris's expression went sour.

    "Jim, be nice." The innocent look hadn't worked in years on Chris. Damnit.

    "That's no fun." Jim paused, before the corners of his lips began to twitch up. "No, wait, you are completely right. I'll stay with Bones tonight." The older man rolled his eyes as he sat on the edge of his desk.

    "-you are such a pain in the ass, Jim." Jim scoffed, blinking up at Chris with a beatific expression.

    "I haven't a clue why you would say such a thing." Ooo, he was getting the official don't fuck with me look now. He waved a hand in dismissal. "Alright alright. But still, I'll stay with him." Chris sighed and looked towards his door.

    "John is not going to be pleasant to be around for awhile." Jim tried his best to keep his face blank. He wasn't succeeding very well. "Jim."

    "I didn't say anything!" Chris scowled and rolled his eyes.

    "You didn't need to." Jim hopped to his feet, rounding on the other man.

    "Hey, I liked Porthos! Except when he was trying to chase my wings and pull my feathers out. Then we had relationship problems." That earned him another eyeroll, but it was more for show. Chris slouched against his desk and pinched the bridge of his nose.

    "Hopefully he turns up soon. I don't have enough credits to keep John distracted for long." Jim skipped back a few steps as the grin threatened to overtake his face.

    "I don't think you need credits for that." Chris almost fell off the edge of his desk.

    "Jim." Just as Jim was pondering an equally irritating response, the door to the office hissed open in apparent terror as John stormed in already in full rant mode.

    "Chrissyyyy, I need to somehow substantiate sending one of the best engineers in Starfleet to somewhere dark and desolate for a few months." Jim watched his dad pinch the bridge of his nose again with a sigh. He hopped to his feet and worked his way to the exit, patting John on the shoulder as he passed.

    "-aaaand that's my cue to leave. See you two later!" John was glaring at the window like it had offended him and made no response, but Chris dredged up a resigned expression and gestured to the door.

    "Get out of here, you brat."



Alright, kids; with one exception, this will probably be the last short you get until I get #6 done. On a positive note, this short takes place during the latter half of #6 (without giving more away than an obvious plot point.)




Everybody's looking for a way...


    "Alright, that's it!" Jim jumped in his seat as Bones surged to his feet, stalking up to Jim and grabbing his arms, forcing him to drop the PADD he was looking at and pulling him to his feet.


    "Wait, we talked about the manhandling-" The older man snorted as he leaned over, and before Jim could do little more than squawk, he was dangling over Bones' shoulder, getting a rather nice view of the man's rear. 


    "You talked about the manhandling, I didn't agree to anything. Why would I agree to something that would take all the fun out of life?" Jim growled, smacking a wing against Bones' back as they began to move; when Jim realized where they were headed, he began to squirm in earnest.


    "Bones, you can't climb stairs while carrying me! Put me down-" They were climbing the stairs. Goddamnit. He stopped whacking Bones on the back with his wings, afraid that they would go tumbling back the way they came if he kept it up. Bones was taking firm careful steps, and Jim had no more time to complain before he was being shrugged off the older man's shoulder and bounced onto a very familiar bed. "If you wanted to do something else, why didn't you say anything?" Jim sat up, pulling down his shirt as he glowered. "The caveman move is kinda weird for you, Bones. Seriously." The other man sat down on the bed next to him.


    "You-" Bones sighed, wrapping an arm around Jim's shoulders and using his body weight to push them both down on the bed. Jim's brow furrowed as he kicked his feet lightly.


    "I think I'm missing something here," Jim mumbled and wriggled some more, leading to a growl from Bones, who moved on top of him, pressing him into the mattress. "Yep, definitely missing something." His voice was little more than a wheeze with the bulk of the older man pinning him down, and he settled for giving Bones a dry look.


    "Jim, you need to learn how to relax." Bones shifted enough to let him breathe, but he was still pretty firmly pinned down.


    "What do you mean I need to learn how to relax? That's what I was doing!" Jim tensed, trying to free his arms so he could push the dead weight off, but all he managed to do was make Bones roll his eyes at him.


    "Jim, you weren't relaxing. You were reading reports on the Enterprise's repairs and twitching like an addict needing a fix. Kind of like you are trying to do now. You've been like this ever since we came back. I'm pulling doctor's privilege and prescribing some downtime. No wriggling, reading, talking, or moving." The older man moved a bit more, allowing Jim a little bit of space. "We are going to lay here and relax for a bit." Jim turned his head to boggle at Bones, who was letting his eyes drift closed.


    "Did you just drag me up here because you wanted to cuddle?" Bones' neck flushed, but he shook his head firmly before leaning in and pressing his forehead against Jim's.


    "No, I am making you practice the fine art of not moving. Or talking. So shut up." He closed the gap, planting a soft kiss on Jim's lips before pulling back and closing his eyes.


    "...and people think I'm the weird one in this relationship." Jim grumbled, leading to a slight tightening of Bones' grip.


    "Shhh." He grumbled a bit more on principle, but the scent of Bones' aftershave was oddly soothing, and his warmth comforting as he stopped trying to escape; he traced the contours of the older man's face with his eyes until he drifted off.






    Jim woke slowly; his body felt like it was floating, every muscle lax as he lay there on what he was pretty sure was his bed. He didn't want to wake up, but there was something missing- His face scrunched up as he slit open an eye, his sight blurry as he tried to focus on his surroundings.


    "...that was true relaxing, Jim." That's what was missing. His eyes opened to see Bones sitting next to him on the bed, and he gave a sleepy frown.


    "Why you up?" Jim mumbled up at the fuzzy shape; Bones smiled, running a hand through Jim's hair.


    "Maybe I like watching you sleep." That drew an amused snort out of Jim as he reached for the older man; Bones brought his legs up and settled back down beside Jim in response.


    "You know, Bones, some people would find that kind of creepy." He leaned in and let his lips brush the side of Bones' neck, smiling slightly at the sudden intake of air.


    "Considering one of your favorite past-times of the last few years was to fall asleep on my thigh whenever convenient, I find your assertion highly unlikely in your case." Bones let out a quiet gasp as Jim latched his teeth onto the pulse on the older man's neck. "What are you, a vampire?"


    "Do these look like bat wings to you?" Jim swung one wing over and ran it down his bedmate's side, leading to a full-body shiver that Jim felt resonate through his own frame as he tilted his head up and nipped at Bones' chin. "Well?" Arms wound around his waist, and Jim was rolled over until he was laying on top of Bones; exactly opposite from their earlier arrangement.


    "You woke up fast," Bones drawled as he ran his hands down Jim's sides, leading to Jim giving a shudder of his own as arched his back sharply and stretched out his wings.


    "You might say I was...inspired." Jim waggled his eyebrows, grinning as the older man barked out a surprised laugh; he shivered again as Bones' fingers traced his pectorals, grazing his nipples before working their way down the thin line of hair on the middle of his stomach.    


    "Is that dumbass for I'm horny?" Bones said wryly; Jim threw back his head and laughed just as the doctor's fingers reached his pants.


    "I haven't the faintest idea what you are talking about, Doctor." He smirked and ran his hands under Bones' shirt, feeling the muscle under his fingertips as he worked his way up to his chest. "You wanted to help me relax, right?" The older man groaned, but his face had a smirk that made Jim lean over and bite the man's bottom lip in revenge.


    "I've created a monster."


    The fact that he chose that moment to work his hands into Jim's underwear somewhat compromised the veracity of his position, but Jim really didn't find himself minding much.


    If at all.




This was written for ...oh darn, I'll fix the name at home sorry! for thehelp_chile auctions last month. She requested a sweet scene that I also can't quite remember the prompt of and I really shouldn't update where I have no email access. :P

I wrote this as a VERY sappy side scene to #6. As such, it references some things that haven't happened yet. I will not explain them. :P

I get cavities every time I read this, hopefully your dental bills won't be as bad! XD 

But if we are wise
    Jim shifted next to him, the covers sliding off his waist to rest at the start of the swell of his buttocks as he mumbled something incomprehensible under his breath. Len leaned over and gently tugged them back to cover up to the bottom join of his wings, letting his hand linger on the younger man's back; smooth skin pliant under his fingertips as he traced a line of pale freckles up to the eruption point of the first feathers, the fine barbs tickling the back of his hand. If someone had told him even six months ago that he would be sleeping beside someone with wings, he would have immediately checked them for hallucinogenic drugs. But now...he couldn't imagine anything else. Pulling his hand away from Jim's sensitive back before he woke him up, he moved his fingers to Jim's fine hair, the gold-copper-bronze mixture dark in the negligible light coming through the curtains. It fascinated him to see those same colors in the man's wings, a grounding realization that the unexpected appendages truly did belong to him, that they weren't just alien things attached randomly to his back. He would never understand how Jim had managed to hide them for so long as he did, crushed under bioplast harnesses and layers of clothing; Jim was lucky they hadn't been stunted or damaged in their growth by the constant strain. He had seen limbs malformed under lesser circumstances. He could see the marks in his skin, the legacy left behind by over a decade of constriction; odd dents and surface abrasions worn into light scar tissue around where the bones had been forced against his back. He could heal them, but Jim had told him not to bother. They acted as calluses, dulling the discomfort when he would need to wear the contraption in the future. He scowled, and let his fingers trace down Jim's cheek. If he had his way, that damn harness would be recycled on the spot. Jim shouldn't have to hide what he was, shouldn't have to risk dangerous circulation issues just because people couldn't get their heads out of their asses and leave him alone. If only it were so simple.
    Letting his fingers stroke through Jim's hair, Len closed his eyes and let his mind drift. That recent trash that he had spotted in the tabloids had been so ridiculous that they had both dismissed it, instead focusing on enjoying their peace and quiet out in the mountains; but the odd reception when they had gone into town had brought it into stark focus again. People had been keeping a wide berth around the two of them, and even more infuriatingly, shooting him sympathetic or even concerned looks. Goddamned idiots will believe everything they read, even out of the sketchiest of sketchy holo-rags; how long was it going to take before they get to Jim's mother with this shit? Len opened his eyes at that thought. Now that was a variable he hadn't thought too much about. He had known that Jim's relationship with the woman was on shaky ground, even before everything; Jim had mentioned her twice, if that much. It wasn't his business, and he had simply added it to the list of things he didn't bring up to the younger man. He had never realized just how serious it was until he had overheard Jim speaking to her over the comm, his voice dryer than his desert in August as he reminded his mother about how she had been considering killing him the day his x-gene activated...had been clutching a Starfleet-issued phaser set to kill when Chris arrived that night, as he later found out. Len had dropped the PADD he had been holding on the spot, meeting Jim's shuttered eyes with horror until the younger man shook his head in dismissal.
    She freaked out, Bones, she wasn't thinking clearly. That's all Jim would say to him when he brought it up later, and no amount of sputtering and arguing would budge him further. Freaking out. His own mother had been contemplating his murder, and all he would say about it is that she freaked out. If Len had had any reservations about Jim's lack of contact with his mother (which he hadn't even thought about, truthfully) they would have been smashed to bits by that revelation. Even now, almost fifteen years later, the woman was unable to meet her son's eyes for any period of time, and she had rather conspicuously kept her gaze away from his wings throughout their conversation. He looked down at Jim's wings, twitching slightly as Jim enjoyed his REM sleep, and sighed. They were such a part of Jim, so very central to much of his behavior and sense of self that he couldn't imagine the younger man without them now; even when thinking back to events before he had known, his brain was usually updating the Jim of the past with the Jim he should have seen since day one, the beautiful being they should have all seen. Jim stirred under his hand, his head turning towards the pillow, causing his fingers to run through the short locks. God, he was a lost cause. He could care less about Starfleet, about the goddamned world for that matter. If it wasn't for Joanna, he would be happy to just stay here forever with Jim; watch him catch the Santa Ana winds, see the gold tints in his feathers glow under the desert sun as he travelled through the sky. He had loved Jocelyn, truly loved her; but he couldn't even compare that feeling to the one that threatened to overwhelm him every time he met Jim's eyes. He was seriously glad that those idiotic rumors were nothing but; because if Jim really was able to do mind tricks, Len was pretty sure he would have died of embarrassment the instant the younger man had focused on him. There were just some things he didn't need to articulate out loud. Jim had continued to wriggle about as he mused, and the wing nearly smacking him in the face made him look down at the culprit, the laugh tumbling out before he could stop it. Jim had curled into a fetal position of sorts, with his face completely obscured by the pillow; his butt was sticking in the air with his legs folded up underneath his torso and his arms tucked up under his chest. He had seen cats do a similar pose, with all their limbs hidden under their fur, but it looked far less ridiculous on a cat. It was also probably going to kill the circulation to his legs after awhile. Unable to keep his mirth entirely under control, he ducked under the wing threatening to bonk into his nose and worked his arms down the younger man's sides, grasping his waist and pulling him up out of the curled position.

    "Mmm...wha'?" Jim's voice was nearly incomprehensible with sleep, and Len settled back into the pillows, letting the winged man squirm around until he found a comfortable position again.

    "Go back to sleep," he whispered, but Jim couldn't exactly behave, could he? Bleary and slightly-crossed blue eyes peered at him in the twilight, and he brought his hand back up to run down Jim's face.

    "Why are you up?" Jim's full lips were pursed and frowning, and Len chuckled and leaned in to kiss the frown away.

    "Just thinking." Jim snorted at that, and Len found himself pushed into the pillows as the younger man moved on top of him, resting his head on his chest and letting his wings dangle over his arms and droop off the bed. He was going to be roasting by the time he woke up again.

    "Stop thinking and go to sleep, Bones. If you are stewing about that dumb shit in town earlier, don't. I'm a big boy, I can handle it." Jim's lips tickled against his chest, and he sighed as he wrapped his arms around Jim's waist.

    "You shouldn't have to be handling anything, Jim." Jim snorted again, and he tightened his arms around Jim's waist in response. "Seriously, Jim. This isn't the twentieth century anymore. People should have moved beyond all of this petty assumption shit." Unwinding one arm from Jim's waist, he reached up and lifted Jim's chin. "You aren't an island, Jim. You never were. You don't need to handle this sort of thing by yourself." The younger man frowned and pulled his face away from his hand, burrowing into Len's chest.

    "I need to, Bones. I can't keep burdening everyone with my shit."

    "That's what we are here for, Jim. If Chris heard you talking like this, he'd smack you." He relaxed minutely at the chuckle that erupted from Jim at that comment, and let his eyes drift closed. "Let's get some sleep, Jim; you won't be able to keep that pretty face of yours intact if you keep staying up all the time." A hand crept up his chest, and strong, callused fingers swept across his lips.

    "Awww, do you really think I'm pretty, Bones?" Len cracked an eye open to see mischievous blue eyes looking up at him, and he raised an eyebrow as he closed his eyes again.

    "No, you idiot, I'm just saying that." There was no reply, and the silence that fell between them began to lull him to sleep. Just as the darkness overtook him, he felt Jim's mouth move against his chest one more time, the faint stubble scratching against his skin rousing him just enough to hear the younger man's words.

    By the next morning, however, he couldn't decide if what he heard was "Thank you," or, "I love you." But when Jim lifted his face from its resting place on his chest and gave him one of those eye-crinkling toothy grins that lit up both the room and a place in his heart that he had once thought completely lost, it really didn't matter.


This was started (and was supposed to be finished) on Father's Day. This takes place about 2-4 weeks after Chris convinces Jim to come back and join Starfleet. I had always planned that he had been picked up shortly before the Summer term/session/trimester/semester, so the timing works out.

I hope you enjoy! :D


I'll be there when the light comes in

"What is that racket?" Jim grumbled as he stuck his head into the fridge, trying to find something to eat. He extracted a forgotten chocolate bar from the back, cringing when the pounding started up again outside. Chris shrugged absently with the practiced ease of someone who knew exactly what was going on, and had no real intention of saying anything, causing Jim to glare. "That's not an answer."

"Alkaios been getting his house overhauled for the last month; I have no clue what they are doing over there, but it's beginning to sound like they are constructing a labyrinth in the non-existent bedrock below the place." Jim flopped into the chair across from his dad, noting the sour expression with amusement.

"Hopefully he doesn't sink the neighborhood while he's at it." Chris smirked, tipping his head back and downing his drink before setting the glass on the table between them with a thunk.

"Because you are just getting used to that nice shower, right?" Jim crumpled up the wrapper to the candy bar, then got to his feet and threw it in the recycler with a lazy toss.

"Damn straight! That thing is awesome, if you had told me about it, I would have come back soo-" Jim snapped his mouth shut as Chris's face went horribly blank, but not before Jim could see the hurt that flashed behind the older man's eyes. He needed to learn when to keep his goddamned mouth shut. Chris rose to his feet, his eyes shuttered; Jim felt like shit.

"I need to go to Command for the afternoon. I'll be back this evening." Jim tried to get his mouth together to say something, but the words died on his tongue as he watched the clean lines of his dad's back as he left the room, the front door opening and closing only a minute or so later. Jim groaned and pillowed his head in his arms. God, he was an idiot. Chris had convinced him to come back, hadn't given up on him, as the newly installed massive shower in his room clearly showed, and he had shoved it all back in his face. Again. A niggling feeling at the back of his mind made him push himself to his feet and head straight over to the nearest console, hitting a few buttons before his shoulders slumped.

"It's Father's Day." Jim licked his lips and shifted from side to side as he tried to process that information. "Shit!" He had to do something. Even if it was just a small gesture, he couldn't just let the day go unacknowledged, especially after the near-clusterfuck that he had made of this morning. He licked his lips again as he contemplated a plan of action before sitting down in the chair by the console. He had some calls to make.


Jim heard the click of the front door lock, and he scrambled to get the enchiladas and tamales onto the table before Chris made it all the way inside. The door closed seconds later, and he could hear exaggerated sniffs from the other room, causing him to stifle a chuckle. He had considered just taking him out to dinner, but you just couldn't find the right stuff north of Santa Barbara...not the way he knew Chris liked it, so cooking it was. It had been awhile, but he didn't think he had screwed it up too badly.

"Something smells great, Jim. Planning on throwing a party or something?" Jim just grinned as Chris came into the room, watching as the other man took in the spread laid out on the dining room table, his eyes widening at the sight. "Jim- what's all this for?" Chris's raised eyebrow was trying its best to compel him to speak, but Jim just blinked at him innocently until his dad sighed and rolled his eyes. "Am I allowed to eat any of this?"

"What do you think, Dad?" Jim snorted, waving the older man to a seat. "What do you want to drink? I went out and picked up tequila and Negra Modelo, if you want something somewhat fitting." The smile creeping onto Chris's face was one Jim hadn't seen in awhile, and the fine lines fanning out from the corners of his eyes were a welcome sight as the man reached out and took the beer from his hand, taking a sip before setting it down and surveying the table again.

"You didn't have to do all this, Jim." Yeah, he had figured it out. Jim shook his head as he sat down across from him, grabbing a beer for himself before indicating the food.

"I wanted to, Dad. Simple as that." Chris nodded as he began to load up his plate, and the silence that descended was comfortable as Jim followed suit. After a few minutes filled with the clatter of silverware against plates and the faint sounds of chewing, Chris took a long pull of his beer as he set his fork down, and Jim paused mid-bite as the older man turned his grey-blue eyes on him.

"Thank you, Jim. Everything is wonderful; you must have started on this as soon as I left." Jim gave his dad a boyish grin, neither admitting or denying, and he finished up the bite of enchilada on his fork before setting his own fork down on the plate.

"I've got something else for you, too-" Jim got to his feet and crossed the room to where he had left a PADD, hitting a few buttons before walking back to the table and passing it over to Chris, who squinted suspiciously at the information on the screen. Jim settled back into his seat and began to eat again as he kept an eye on his dad, whose gaze narrowed further as he took in what he was looking at.

"You rotten brat," Chris said, trying to give Jim a dirty look; the smile quirking up the corners of his mouth made the statement rather impotent, and Jim snorted as he waved a hand towards the PADD.

"I was assured that a Klingon could get on some of these horses without freaking out, so I thought we could make a day of it without having to worry about me getting thrown or kicked." Chris was grinning unabashedly now, and Jim could feel his cheeks warm as the older man's eyes told him exactly what he thought of the gift.

"Convict Lake, huh- haven't been there since my own Academy days." Chris set the PADD down and got to his feet; Jim watched from his chair as his dad maneuvered around the table and walked up behind him, closing his eyes as Chris leaned over and wrapped his arms around Jim's shoulders. Chris and John were the only ones who could get away with it without Jim having a borderline panic attack, and Jim welcomed his dad's body heat as he felt soft, dry lips press briefly against his temple before withdrawing, a hand ruffling his hair. Chris returned to his seat and picked up his fork, glancing down at his plate before meeting Jim's eyes firmly. "It's good to have you back, son." Jim nodded, keeping his head lowered as he fought back an irritating prickle at the corner of his eyes.

"It's good to be back, Dad."


Aaaaand that's it for now. :) 


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oooooh so so so so awesome!!!!!!!
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Commenting here first although I read the long story too *winkles* ...

Thank you so much for sharing these cut scenes! Love to see Bones' side of things - Dad?? - great surprise :P

And poor John for waiting for an eternity (though I guess it's half his fault too for never once pushing a little).
Jan. 29th, 2010 12:19 am (UTC)
Secret: I wrote Bones' side first. XD

John never pushes, which keeps them spiralling endlessly. Hopefully they'll resolve that sometime. ;)
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The first one almost makes up for how you ended the last part.
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Oh good. XD
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I love that last one. But then again, unrequited-but-really-requited love is fic drug of choice. Chris, you blind sonuvabitch.
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He kinda is, isn't he? XD; <3
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*smacks Chris on the head so he'll get a clue, then goes off to read the lovely fic in her inbox from a few weeks ago ;)*

The first one is great, nice to see it from Bones' perspective, and the second one is sad. Have I read it before? It seems familiar...
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I haven't the faintest idea what you speak of. ;)

Yes, you've seen the second one. I changed a line or two in it since I sent it to you, but yeah. :)
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Hahaha, I'm glad you enjoyed them! :D

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Happy sigh, lovely. I loved seeing this scene from Bones' pov, and I want to know when they are producing grandchildren too, pouts. Though I notice John is careful not to make a joint claim, but he could, maybe he should. :D -SB
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Well, there is Joanna XD

But yeah, John is hopeless like that. :P

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"I wonder where I've heard that before," he said quietly, and followed Chris out of the kitchen.

Ah. And there is something Jim doesn't know about the situation, I suspect.

Thanks for posting these; it was good to read what Bones was actually thinking during the dance scene, and Chris's denial in multiple directions is pretty funny.
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Chris got over his denial about Jim and Bones pretty quick, but yeah, he's a total airhead about other things. XD

I'm glad you liked them! :D
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reading those little tibits let me hope you will write more flashbacks from different povs. would love to read the Pike/Bones discussion (about Jim and his love of heights), Bones feelings about Jim and his love of heights (cliffs, Tree#1, tree#2 a.k.a. fall, spacejump...) or his musical gifts....

Well finished rereading everything. took me about 6 hours. Damn, but you know how to write good long fics! You rock!

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XD Thank you! ::blushes::

I've got another short I'm working on right now. I need a little downtime before I get going on the beast that six will probably be. XD Stay tuned! (actually, if you wait about 20 minutes, I'll be posting a little something that tells you how I write...sometimes. XD)

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Wonderful! I loved seeing that first one from Bones' POV. I love it when his skill as a doctor and a psychiatrist is used to best effect.

The second one was actually sad. Those two! *slaps them both*

Lovely! Now I do hope this means that you're furiously writing on more? Because, yeah, that was a really cruel spot to stop!
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Thank you! I'm glad you liked them. :) I shall get to writing as soon as I can! :D
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Though I hate to be impatient, I definitely hope that number six in this series is going to be finished and posted soon, because your writing is amazing, this story is fantastic, and I think I might go into withdrawal without a resolution to that cliffhanger after having mainlined this series during the past two snowed-in days.

This was fabulous, really; everything from Winona's breakdown to Chris and John's bromance, and Jim and Gaila's friendship.
Jan. 31st, 2010 03:36 am (UTC)
I haven't started yet. ::gets bricked::

I will try my best! :D

Thank you thank you! I'm really glad you've enjoyed it!

I've got a few fic related posts after this one, if you want some more stuff to read. :)


Thanks again!
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I like fluff, but it can get too much at times (and is therefore saved to sappy "Spiderman" kiss sessions in the park et al.) XD

John's a moron. As is Chris. MEN. XD

...in my newest post (which will be going up right after this) I'm posting...a doodle. You might be amused. XD (It's also a little NWS)

Thanks! :D
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