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Small Fandom Bang Fic Note Post

For people who might actually want to read my Cyber Formula fic, which was a big experiment more than anything, I figured people could use a little primer to what Cyber Formula is. As no one in the Western world seems to have really heard of it. 

If you DO know what CF is, please note that the fic is:

1. A Sentinel fusion fic
2. Slash
3. Hayato and some of the other main characters gets little more than cameos
4. Actual racing is hardly mentioned

Because one of the first English fics in a microscopic fandom should totally be an AU, right? :P

The fic will be posted tomorrow, but I wanted to get this up ahead of time.


For those new to Cyber Formula, I will provide some basic info below. I will separate canon from fanon for your benefit. ;)

Cyber Formula is a futuristic racing anime that ran for 37 TV episodes, airing in 1991, and 4 OVA series, released from 1992-1999. There has been a multitude of video games, from SNES through PS2 and PSP. There is a PC game in the works right now, and the TV series recently got a remastered blu-ray release.

The anime is decently unusual in not living in a time limbo like many shows; instead, the characters age throughout the series. The physical aging is most obvious in the main character, Hayato Kazami, and his love interest Asuka Sugo, but Randoll is the other big example. The characters that were ADULTS as of the beginning of the TV series tend to be less obvious in their aging, but hair and depictions are tweaked and refined over the course of all the series. Also unusually, the TV series is rather goofy and quite often rather unrealistic at times (they race IN the Grand Canyon at one point O_o) but the series gets more serious and realistic as the OVAs progress. By the final two seasons, I would call it a drama, not a “sports anime.” Although there is plenty of emphasis on the vehicles and the sport, the show is character-driven in the end. I’m not normally a sports anime fan. This is my ONE exception.

The story begins in 2015, with the TV series, and ends at the beginning of 2023 in the epilogue of SIN.

Canon Ages:

Kazami Hayato is 14 in the TV series,
15 in 11(Double One,)
16-17 in Zero,
18-19 in Saga,
20-21 in SIN.

Asuka Sugo goes from 16-23. Yes, she’s actually older than her boyfriend/husband.
Naoki Shinjyo: 17-24.
Karl Lichter von Randoll: 14-21.
Osamu Sugo: 21-28.
Kyoko Aoi: 20-27.
Jackie Gudelhian: 20-27.
Franz Heinel: 21-28.
Edelhi Bootsvorz: 22-29.
Bleed Kaga: 19-26.
Marie Luisa: 18-25.

Short Bios, with mentions of fanon/fanfic tweaking:

Hayato Kazami: Main character of anime, excepting SIN, technically. Starts out very much the shonen sports anime hero, learns how to race under wacky circumstances, turns out to be a natural, becomes champion. He becomes champ again in 11, nearly dies at the beginning of Zero, and finally gets his third championship at 19 at the end of Saga. Gets his fourth at the beginning of SIN. He and Asuka started out more sibling-like, but were engaged by the second episode of Zero, while he’s recuperating. They finally marry in the epilogue of SIN.
Fanon: He’s not in the fic much, as it’s focused on Franz and Jackie. No tweaks I can think of.

Asuka Sugo: Daughter of the team owner for Hayato’s team. Starts out a bumbling stereotype of an anime girl, later grows up, fights with Hayato, angsts, gets engaged, gets unengaged, gets engaged again, and decides to go to Columbia University to study medicine. Despite my crappy summary of her, I really like her.
Fanon: I have her finished with Med School, and wrapping up her residency.

Naoki Shinjyo: Originally positioned as Hayato’s rival, but it’s clear that he is his own worst enemy. Has a moody streak that pops up on occasion, and is seriously gullible (far more than Jackie, amusingly.) Raced with AOI from 2015-2019, when he got canned by Nagumo, a character which you will not be seeing in this fic. He raced in the US for awhile, then eventually signed with Randoll and returned to CF. He returned to AOI in 2023. His long-time girlfriend is Miki, who is awesome, and the two are darling together (and she’s not afraid to tell him when he’s being an idiot most of the the time, which he needs.) They played up him and Kyoko Aoi for a bit, but it’s clear in the long run that it’s a more sibling-like relationship.
Fanon: He’s barely in the fic.

Karl Lichter von Randoll: Blue-blooded Austrian lordling who is a genius at just about anything he does. Sounds like a giant stereotype? Well, luckily, he actually manages to rise above being a spoiled brat rather quickly. He also gets seriously injured at the beginning of Zero, gains a scar on his cheek in the process. Holds a torch for Asuka, but also is a sincere friend of Hayato. Is not a fan of Jackie, he thinks he’s an uncouth loudmouth. Has a bad habit of crashing into Jackie, including once intentionally in SIN. His distraction in 11 causes Jackie’s worst on-screen accident, which broke his leg.
Fanon: I have him knowing Franz before the events of the anime. Not a big stretch, both are from filthy rich families, they are both from the same slice of Europe (Austria/Germany,) and both of their parents are businessmen and would have very likely ran in some of the same circles.

Osamu Sugo: Asuka’s older brother, moonlighted as the mysterious driver (best driver in the series, at least until Saga) Knight Schumacher. He has injuries from an incident in the TV series to his optic nerves, which force him to retire from racing at the end of 11. He takes over as head of the Sugo race team. Has a long term partner in Claire Fortlan, and a good friend in Bootsvorz.
Fanon: No tweaks I can think of. As much as he, Claire, and Bootsvorz would make an awesome OT3, I didn’t do that in this fic.

Edelhi Bootsvorz: Russian driver who lost an eye and an arm in a nasty crash, got first odd looking replacements, then awesome ones. Starts out as a reluctant bad guy, comes to his senses quickly. He’s the oldest driver on the track after the TV series, and is, as TV Tropes comments, the “team dad.” He’s a surprisingly serene character, who only gets irritated when the situation really calls for it (young rude racers, especially named Leon, are a key irritant.) He’s one to stay quiet and observe. Is clearly Osamu’s best friend (from Zero on,) even though they initially met on rather rocky terms.
In what is possibly the only time Jackie really deserved it in the animated series, Bootsvorz punches Jackie in the face in Zero after Jackie gets swindled by Henri Claytor and tries to start shit. Franz thanks Bootsvorz for his “service” later (yes, really.) ::laughs:: Jackie and Bootsvorz are shown getting along great in Saga, so it’s clear that the situation was resolved.
Fanon: For the purposes of this fic, he’s related to a Sentinel/Guide pair. Otherwise, he’s unchanged from canon.

Kyoko Aoi: Runs AOI Zip Racing. Starts out as a stuckup, vindictive person, and goes through probably some of the most character development in the series. She’s very smart, likes to be in control (her canon nickname is “The Queen”,) but from late Zero on, can be trusted to be generally level-headed and do the right thing. Bleed is her love interest that didn’t work out, Shinjyo is more like a little brother to her. She leaves racing at the end of SIN, but it’s implied it will be temporary. She’s the one to stand up for Marie after Jackie is a giant idiot in one of  the CD dramas.
Fanon: She returns after a two year break in 2025 to run AOI again.

Bleed Kaga: Hayato’s good friend throughout the series, largely a light-hearted fellow until Zero. Gets obsessed with beating Hayato in a race/championship in Saga, and is REALLY obsessed in SIN, where he is the main character. His scar on his forehead is from an accident that killed his best friend. Bleed retires from Cyber Formula at the end of SIN, his championship in hand.
Fanon: He has a tiny cameo near the end of the story.

Marie Luisa: She’s been racing since at least 2015, as she has cameos in the background. Despite being there in EVERY SERIES, she never has a speaking role in the show. She has some parts in the CD dramas, however. Marie is hired by Franz after the events of Saga to replace him, as he wants to retire to focus on the team and car design (and possibly due to his previously undefined health issues as well.) Jackie, in canon, throws a very uncharacteristic shitfit and claims that women shouldn’t be racers. In response, all the major female characters band together and do a challenge: If Marie can beat Jackie in a race, he can sit on it and spin while she joins the team. She actually doesn’t win, but it’s close, and Jackie backs down. The whole scenario is odd for a guy who never shows any sign of this sort of thing otherwise in canon, which I address in the fic.
Fanon: Pretty much almost anything about her, as she has little character development. She’s not in the fic much, however.

Leon Earnhardt: Yes, he’s named after the famous NASCAR driver. Leon is a brat who is basically all of Jackie’s stereotypes of being a playboy/ditz/idiot taken to eleven. Unlike Jackie, who actually has brain cells, common sense, and tact the majority of the time except when Franz is concerned, Leon really...doesn’t. He originally is on the Missing Link team with Bootsvorz starting in Saga, where he DNFs in EVERY race in Saga. ::laughs:: He remains with Missing Link in 2023 when Bootsvorz leaves for Sugo. I would make a comment on how two of the three American characters (the third is Phil Fritz, who isn’t in this story.) in CF are big brash types, but, well, it’s anime, and that’s what Japan thinks Americans are like. xD

--and most importantly:

Franz Heinel: German, is introduced early in the TV series along with Jackie. He’s a very focused, serious individual who ONLY (until a short flashback scene at the end of Zero, anyway, and Randoll was being a pain :P) loses his cool with Jackie. He appears rather confident generally, but he appears to hide a rather insecure streak that pops up if things go south. The two start off as rivals, but even by the end of the TV series, the two are showing more signs of getting along. Franz is the son of the head of Sturobrahms, which is basically the fictional replacement for Mercedes-Benz. As such, he’s implied to be from a VERY wealthy background. He could care less about fashion, as he’s had the same glasses style and hair forever (although the difference in art style in SIN (and some parts of Saga) makes it look a bit shorter and a tick more realistic, which was nice.) He’s basically a socially inept version of Tony Stark, if Tony only made cars. It’s implied that he is a prodigy in the field. It’s ALSO implied that he has some physical issues with racing in 11, and he doesn’t race in 2016, and retires permanently at the end of 2021 (with a podium finish in his last race, no less.) He originally raced for AOI instead of his father’s team, the reasoning is not explained in canon. He designed all the cars he and Jackie drove from 11 on, and is the team owner of their joint team, Stormzender. He has a younger sister named Lisa, who is the team assistant at least from 2017 on. She’s very peppy, very much a people person, and likes Jackie (and likes her brother and Jackie together, at least when they are scuffling ::eyebrow waggle::)

Jackie Gudelhian: American, about 6 months younger than Franz. Is played like a giant stereotype for a bit, but gets fleshed out pretty quickly beyond that. He’s a boisterous, flirtatious guy who seems to be unable to take anything seriously off the track. He is clearly skilled, winning a championship in 2019, and been in Cyber Formula longer than every other racer in the series (in canon, he debuts in Indy at 15, moves to CF less than 2 years later.) He’s also the biggest racer, standing 6’2” and is far larger physically than all the others. For all his goofiness, excepting a weakness for doe-eyed children, he is quite observant, and has several of the other racer’s “numbers”, especially Randoll (who did not take his comments well in Saga.) He seems to learn to speak “Heinel” rather quickly, and seems to act up the most when Heinel needs to be distracted. Of course, part of the time, he’s just being a pain in the ass. ;) He has a rather odd scene in one of the CD dramas regarding the hiring of Marie Luisa, who replaces Franz on the team once he retires, which I make an attempt to explain (it’s really not like him, honestly.) At one point in a different CD drama, he dresses up in drag (apparently to visit Franz in the hospital.) He’s just a funny guy, generally. :D

Franz and Jackie are clearly positioned in the show as a more lighthearted duo, but from 11 on, they see some serious character development of their own. While physical fights were relatively common in the TV series and early 11, they are almost completely replaced with Franz chasing Jackie around with no fighting beyond that, and those are few and far between. Jackie doesn’t like hearing Franz beat himself down, and in a rare show of actual irritation while in the hospital in 11 (framed with clear concern,) basically tells him to can it because he’s awesome. That scene is a turning point in their characters in the show, and the point I jumped headfirst in the shipping train. Of one car. I console myself with doujinshi. :P When Jackie wins the championship in Saga, Franz looks at Jackie like the man invented the wheel, and gives him a big old hug in front of everyone. It’s a pile of adorable. They actually remind me a bit of another wacky couple from a very old TV show, which I reference in the fic. The ship is as old as the show, and is decently active in Japan, even if I’m practically the only shipper of it outside of it. :P

Fanon: For the purpose of this fic, Jackie is a Sentinel who’s slowly dying from a lack of a Guide (and hiding it,) and Franz has Guide-like qualities that may become something more... Also, for this fic, Jackie won a second championship in 2025. Because he’s awesome, and Franz designs cool cars. All references to either of their parents are fanon, as they are not in any part of the show (canon info only states that they are still alive, which means in anime terms, they couldn’t be the main characters. :P) Jackie has two sisters in canon, and Franz has Lisa. Also, although Jackie is only referred to as Jackie in the show, I’m making it a nickname.

And cuz I had to:


If you survived that wall of text and have any questions, feel free to ask me!


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Apr. 22nd, 2012 06:53 am (UTC)
I wiki'd the series so I could read the fic but this is much better, and funnier. thanks.
May. 8th, 2012 03:28 am (UTC)
Glad it helped! :D
Apr. 3rd, 2013 11:51 pm (UTC)
Ho. I've never seen anyone who likes this series. :0

...Kind of makes me want to start on those fics I've been planning (all the more reason to flesh out my 8 fan-characters. XD I have three new teams with two racers each, one team manager, and then a publicist who's Bootsvorz's girlfriend basically a self-insert, but what the hell).

Oh, fun. Now I want to go around corrupting people into Cyber Formula fans so I can roleplay. *facepalm*
Apr. 4th, 2013 01:00 pm (UTC)
Hahaha! :D Yeah, I'm probably one of the biggest US fans, if I am basing my credentials on my CF cel collection, or my doujinshi... ;)

Hey, go for it! We've all gotta have fun somehow, right? xD

Apr. 4th, 2013 04:32 pm (UTC)
I'm probably the only Finnish fan of CF. XD Such an underappreciated series. ...Though I guess it's more fun this way, there aren't any rabid fans going around screaming bloody murder about shipping wars. XD
Apr. 4th, 2013 04:33 pm (UTC)
Whoops. That anonymous comment was me. Didn't even notice LJ kicked me out. *kicks LJ back*
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