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For Sale! BJD/Dollfie Volks FCS F-30 & 31

I'll do a proper post later, but I wanted to post these here. :)

I'm STILL unemployed (although it's starting to look promising) and I need to start parting with some things. I am very fortunate to be able to live rent-free at the moment, but my bills are still close to $1k a month and my savings is running thin. :/


For Sale on Den of Angels:

Both of these dolls were special FCS orders from Tenshi no Sato in 2008. Both have FCS faceups, although the F-30 has gotten rather extensive other work beyond that. If you aren't a member of DoA and are interested, let me know! :)

Volks Sunlight FCS F-30 ($825)
Comes with awesome tattoos! :D He's on the right in the lovely Sato picture.

For Sale on Den of Angels:

Volks Sunlight FCS F-31 with Tan Cecile Sword Hand ($900/860)
Comes with two choices for hands! :D He's on the left in the lovely Sato picture.

Pictures from tonight:


I also have 10 other dolls and an extra head I am completely willing to take offers on. Please note, I will need a rather sizable bribe to part with my Seitenshi, if only because he's the only thing I've actually won in my life (he was NOT a lottery win, I won the President's Award in the Costume Contest back at the LA Dolpa in 2007.)

You can see quick photos of the complete dolls here!


Thanks a lot for looking, and if you know anyone who might be interested, feel free to pass this along! :D