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So I have a LJ

I can't even remember when I did an actual quality post, so here goes:

I have a job! Has health care and everything, which is lovely. I just finished probation, and haven't been tossed out yet, so that's a good sign. It's not really enough for me to move out on without at least a few roomies, even if I wasn't paying down my credit cards, I'm still back at home. I'll be reevaluating the moving thing later this year, I think.

I'm going to Anime Expo this year! My current plan is to go down Thursday morning, leave Saturday night. I'm dressing up as Thorin Oakenshield, costume is currently in progress. If I miraculously get that one done early, I'm thinking I'll try and make Jackie's race suit from Cyber Formula Saga and SIN as a secondary costume. We'll see :)

Saving account is inching up, credit card bills are slowly going down, and I'm paying my car off in chunks, so that should be paid off within the next year and change.

Now to sell off some of my dolls, I really could use the funds to pay down my cards. If anyone you know is looking for sunlight skinned Volks boys (F-30 & F-31,) or some others, the boys are actively for sale, and I'm taking offers on the lot. :)

Hope everyone is doing well! <3