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November 3rd, 2015

Fanfiction Master Post

I've got one series and a smattering of shorts here, feel free to pursue! :D


Western Skies - A Star Trek XI AU/Fusion Story

Once upon a time, there was a genetic shift that caused unusual effects in the human population. But much of the world wasn't ready for this, and through a forced drug regime, the x-gene (as it was called) was made inactive. But when a boy is born under tragic circumstances onboard a shuttle being bombarded by radiation and energy from an unknown singularity, things might just be changing again.

There are some X-Men inspired elements borrowed, but this is not a crossover. If you don't know anything about X-Men, don't worry about it. :)


All Western Skies-related Artwork (Mostly by me, with some art by others as well ::blush::) Here! There is an R-rated image here, FYI.


Western Skies Soundtrack/Fanmix - Basically songs that inspired me, plus ones "heard" in the story. :)


The stories of Western Skies in order:

Summary for Under an atomic sky: Chris Pike gets a very odd call from an old friend in the middle of the night, and his life is never the same...

Summary for Where men can't walk: Where Jim is not lonely, he likes the peace and quiet of the desert, and he wishes certain people would just shut up about it already.

Summary for Or freely talk: Jonathan Archer isn't a doctor by any means; but as he has found out many times during his career, sometimes you just have to rise to the challenge. Caffeine usually helps.

Summary for At his father's right hand: Chris is generally of the opinion that he is pretty damned good at what he does, hell, Starfleet even agrees with him. But captaining a starship and raising a genius son who just happens to have wings are entirely two different things, as reality has enforced on multiple occasions. 

Summary for In search of experience: Jim has issues. He knows this. People without issues don't generally get into bar brawls just to get their head to calm down. They also aren't completely paranoid over people trying to get into their pants. Honestly...he's just getting really tired of secrets. 

Summary for Looking for one good man: Len was once a plain old country doctor, not so long ago. He hasn't quite figured out how ended up basically courting an angel, ending up in space, and becoming a hero, but at least one of the three isn't so bad. He thought he had lost most of his family when he left Georgia, but he may have just found a new one when he wasn't looking.

#6 isn't posted on LJ yet, but you can read the first half (50k words) at either ff.net or AO3 until I finish.

The first five stories are 117462 words long in total.

You can also find this series at my ff.net account, or at my AO3 account. :)


Western Skies Shorts
(Notes on their chronological placement in the series are with each one)

Western Skies Shorts 1-6

Short #7 - Look up at the stars at night

Short # 8 - Acapella


Other Star Trek Shorts:

Featuring artwork by the wonderful bonesyandjimmy ! :D

Stuck on You: Where Bones runs afoul of a Bolian, gets cuddles. Fluff/Crack. Kirk/Bones. G

Aim high, and you won't shoot your foot off: Where Jim can't feel his feet, cons Bones. Fluff. Kirk/Bones. G


Thanks for looking!