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Ourany Ouran Goodness!

I need money. Not that this is a surprise or anything,

Anyway, myself and the comrades are doing an Ouran cosplay group. As I have my shiny expensive new machine, yay for embroidery!

So yeah, here is Ouran Patch version 4 and 5, version 5 is the final version.


*Edit for Info:*

Regular patches are 4" tall. I can run the badge design up to 225 x 149mm wide, or about 8 3/4 by 5 3/4 inches, but that will definately cost more. I am charging $20 for the regular patch, that cost is including shipping in a bubble envelope First-Class mail. $15 a piece if you order more then one. Add $4 if you want it sent Priority Mail.

The final badge is sewn on cotton twill, and is moderately stiff. I am fraychecking the edges. If you want me to cut it really close to the edge, let me know. It will need to be sewn on, although I am putting on a layer of heatbond lite, I wouldn't trust it to do more then just attach it so you can sew it on permanently. I am not responsible if you lose your patch due to not sewing it on. It should work fine on any sort of jacket, as it is just cotton and thread. I do suggest sewing it on versus gluing or any other form of attachment.

The new blue is a slightly thicker thread, good for filling in gaps. The old blue is too thin for the way I digitized the new version, so if you *really* want it, I'm going to have to charge $2 more per patch, as I have to go over it twice to compensate. >_>

I also wish to stress that these are made one at a time by myself, and thus may have tiny variations from the picture. Don't worry, I'm not going to send you a nasty patch, but please don't blow up at me if you percieve that one stitch is a millimeter out of place.

Kei darling, I already promised you one, so the first patch I run is yours, ready and waiting. I need an address!

All those getting it done right onto the jackets, I don't mind a monetary donation towards thread, as this going to start hurting. :P

Yay me! to clean up the sewing area.

::wanders off::
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