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Has it been that long?

Okay, I need to update more.


Not much. Seasonal position at JCP ended, I'm currently looking for a preferably office-type position somewhere that pays enough that I can move out on. To even consider it, I need to clear $2k a month after taxes, as my cc and student loan bills are around $1k a month total. :/ Need to stop getting anxiety attacks from even job hunting, it stinks.

I still haven't finished most of my craft projects, as I've not felt really like working on anything. Today, I feel like crap, with an achy chest, and tingling arms and fingers, which isn't pleasant. But I did manage to get Pinkie Pie's tail on, fiiinally. xD;

Gotta finish up my SmallFandom Bang fic soon, but I think I'll actually be able to for once. :D Yayy. Need to return to a certain other fic after that. ::facepalm::

Alright, time to go bother people, talk to y'all later. :)

It's Muh Birthday! :D

...that is all. :P

You can see him here at my DA pages as well: http://anruiukimi.deviantart.com/#/d4hx061
and Tony again, if you missed him: http://anruiukimi.deviantart.com/#/d4glxn3

...this is Steve.

Steve and Tony had a rocky start....Collapse )


Now that Steve is done, gotta work on Pinkie Pie. Also, I think I'll be cutting out pieces for a Rainbow Dash...

What I've been up to (details at 11)

I got myself a seasonal job at JCPenney, still no real full-time prospects. :/ I need to widen my scope, I think. 

I decided I wanted to make plush My Little Ponies (in the new style,) and have been spending lots of time practicing. :D

In creation order:

My Little..Giraffe? Curio: She was created due to me cutting the fabric the wrong way on the stretch. ::laughs::

My Little Giraffe - Curio by *anruiukimi on deviantART

Rarity: My first somewhat successful attempt! She's currently on Ebay. :) The fleece is just too stretchy, and she have a more...Bambi-esque profile. ::facepalm::

MLP - Rarity Plush V.1 by *anruiukimi on deviantART

Then we have the fanart pony done as my first test with the Minky fabric, which I like 4 billion percent better than fleece:

Tony Stark: Iron Pony :P
He's the best so far! I'll be doing one of the actual MLP ponies next for sale, but I suspect there's a Steve pony in my future. :)

IM-MLP - Tony Stark, the Iron Pony by *anruiukimi on deviantART

And speaking of Steve, here's version 2 and 3 (small is v.2, large is v.3) of a Steve Rogers pillow plush, which can be ordered at my Etsy Shop :3

Aaaand...that's all for now. :) I hope everyone is doing well!


I'm still adding things as I find them, so there is more stuff coming! :) Lots of rare items!

    Tons of Anime items, DVDs, and more! I've got lots of posters and some doujinshi going up soon as well! 
   I've also got my sewing/embroidery machine and software cranking again, and I'm available for custom work (and Ouran patches, if anyone still likes that anime/manga!) ^_~

Thank you for looking! :D

Some sketches I've done recently

As the title states. :) 

I'm not even gonna cut them, because that takes effort. ::is lazy::

Two Cyber Formula doodles, drawn a few days ago:

Franz Heinel and Jackie by *anruiukimi on deviantART

Jackie Gudelhian Shirtless by *anruiukimi on deviantART

And a doodle of Tony and Steve, and another CF doodle from this evening!

Tony and Steve Posing by *anruiukimi on deviantART

Franz and Jackie Arguing by *anruiukimi on deviantART


Time for me to Wii Fit and consider going to bed! Night all! :)

Being an adult is no fun sometimes

So, I've been selling things like mad on Ebay, I HAVE managed to make my desired total to be able to finish out the bills for the year, but more is always appreciated. I've been posting things at my Selling LJ, rocproductions, if anyone is interested, as well as on Ebay. 

I've been running around (mentally) trying to remember how to write a resume, as well as apply for jobs and update all my various job-related profiles. My LinkedIn account is here: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/elizabeth-morgan/14/208/a05

If anyone knows of anything amazing employment wise in the Inland Empire, CA area, feel free to let me know! I'd really appreciate it.
In more lighthearted news, I've been getting more friendly threats regarding Western Skies, so I promise I will try and get moving on that again. xD; I signed up for the smallfandombang, with plans to do a Cyber Formula fic. I'm hoping it gets me back in the writing/creative anything mood, since my brain was so caught up with moving, now with job hunting. 

I also managed to get two halfway-decent doodles out (both Cyber Formula related,) you can see them at my deviantart, or at my Tumblr.
Buying-wise, I've mostly been behaving myself, with the exception of a few more cels (Card Captor Sakura & Cyber Formula) and a few 25th Anniversary Dragon Quest items. My wonderful friend Maggie in Japan has been helping me with some items as well. <3

I need to mail something to miffykeika. ::shifty eyes::

That's all for now, I hope y'all are doing well!

ACK - Scatterbrained Me is Back!

So I've been back in the USA for a month now, and am really now just starting to really unscramble myself. ^^; I haven't started job hunting yet, but I HAVE started posting things on Ebay to pay the bills, but that will only work for a month or two, unless I start selling the dolls. ^^; I really need to redo my resume, and SOON. ::facepalm::


My bedroom is all set up, with only a few little things and some shelf cleaning left to do! Yayy. I have all my sewing stuff back (thanks Wubear!) but it's all just stuffed into various places downstairs in the living room at the moment. I would kill for a craft/hobby room, but well, I'm just going to have to make do with what I've got until I move back out, which will probably be mid-next year.

The move was successful, with only 4 casualties. One was a Getbackers tin that was already a bit banged up, so it wasn't a biggie; the real bummer was the fact that 3 out of my 4 Tokyo DisneySea Genie dishes broke. :/ I did an insurance claim on them, which is getting me $65, which will just be put towards my bills. xD;


I've decided to do a rather epic clean out of a large portion of my anime/manga shit collection, which I've started on Ebay here:


and will continue on my selling LJ here in the next few days:


and again, I am selling/taking offers on my entire Anime/Video game music collection here:



I've definitely enjoyed being back in the US for the easy ability to watch movies at the theater! I've seen Captain America twice, X-Men: FC again, and Cowboys and Aliens. :)

I've also been eating all kinds of crap, I need to curb that soon. ^^;


I haven't written/drawn/made ANYTHING since I've gotten back, and that's going to change soon. I need to get back into a creative mode, at least a little bit, I'm starting to get the "do something!" jitters.

I hope y'all are having a good time of it, and I promise to post more often from here on out!

Stolen from Gadgetorious

 Go look at your blog journal. Find the last fandom-related thing you posted. The characters in that post are now your team-mates in the Zombie Apocalypse. How fucked are you?

Well, that would have been my rambling Cyber Formula and Dragon Quest comments, so I have

Franz Heinel, Jackie Gudelhian, (the brains and brawn there :P )

Slimes, King Slimes, Slime Stacks, and Slime Knights on my side. (The cannon fodder and more brawn) Not too shabby! :D

Back to packing! It's boxageddon in here 8D

24 Days

 Until I'm back in the US for the foreseeable future. I will have been here in Japan 3 years, and 5 days. I'm almost done packing (BOXES EEEVERYWHERE) and I have a pile of paperwork to do in the next week. I haven't slept well in a week my eating schedule is shot...yup, I'm switching into SHIT'SGOINDOWN mode. xD

Movers come on the 14th, the 15th is jampacked with speeches, parties, and miffykeika , and I've got to get my Visa changed over the week of the 18th. Customs forms for my stuff need to be done before my stuff gets picked up. Contract ends on the 27th, car will probably get turned in on the 29th, and I'll be heading south for Kyoto on the 30th, watching Cars 2, then heading off to Tokyo. I'll have the 31st in Tokyo (definitely doing one more stop at Nakano, then maybe going over to the United States of Odaiba?,) then off to Narita on the 1st for my 2:55pm flight back home to LAX. I'll probably wave to my successor as I pass by. xD

Ugh, keeling over time.



Congratulations to [info]wubear and the rest of their group for their Best of Show win at the Masquerade at Anime Expo! :D :D